Larry Crane

I have been involved in music since the late seventies, when I self-released home recordings of my own music. Since then I've been a musician, record producer/engineer/mixer, Tape Op Magazine founder and editor, book editor, studio owner, archivist, disc jockey, small label owner and even a record distributor employee. I am available for hire as a record producer, recording engineer (studio or live), mix engineer, writer, editor, archivist, lecturer or panelist. Lately I've been mixing quite a few albums for folks from all over the world and my clients have been more than happy and my rates are probably far lower than what one might expect. Drop a line if you are interested in working with me in any capacity!

My Music Production Secrets courses are now offered at These focus on recording and mixing, and cover many techniques that have taken me years to accumulate. Click the link for a free trial viewing! I'm really proud of these courses and feedback has been very positive so far!

Several times a year I offer Larry Crane Weekend Recording Workshops in Portland in at Jackpot! Recording Studio. Fill out this form if you are interested! I also do One-On-One recording coaching.

Jenna Zine and I host Keep It Like A Secret comedy events (many at Jackpot! Recording Studio). Sign Up to learn about these.

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