Learn Recording with LC

My Music Recording and Mixing courses are offered at LinkedIn Learning. These feature over 12 hours of online videos that focus on recording and mixing, covering many techniques that have taken me years to accumulate. I’m really proud of these courses and feedback has been very positive for years! (This page contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.)

Virtual Recording Consultation by Larry Crane

I can help you learn to listen deeper, work more efficiently, and undo any bad habits or misapplied techniques that hinder the effectiveness of your recordings. I will assist you via a Zoom call in learning how to improve your tracking and mixing by examining recording techniques, song arrangements, sounds, instrument choices, as well as how sounds and tracks work together. In addition, special attention will be paid to mixing techniques. This consult is geared towards home recordists, beginning engineers, self-recording musicians, and anyone who wants to further their understanding of the music recording/mixing process who are interested in improving their results. The goal is to discover simple and effective ways to create more effective recordings using gear already available. A large part of the consult is usually about breaking down misguided techniques and limited preconceptions about the recording process. The typical skill level for students is someone who’s learned the basics but would like to hone their craft. During the consult I will be able to receive uploaded audio files or audio streams from clients in order to hear what they are working on. Cost: $100 per hour (initial 2 hr minimum), payable upon booking and scheduling.

“Larry helped with everything from the big picture to the tiny details, and he pointed out tons of things I would have missed on my own. I’ll probably ask him to help with my next album too.” –Grand Central Dispatch

Email me here for more information and prices!

Personal Attended Recording Workshops

Between 2003 and 2020 I hosted Weekend Recording Workshops at Jackpot! Recording Studio, where I would run a group through techniques and concepts about music recording similar to the ones above. Students reported that they gain a lot from this workshop. I’ve also presented workshops in other cities, including Montreal, Cleveland, and Austin. I currently only offer similar single-day, one-on-one sessions with folks to discuss their recording and mixing skills and work on understanding shortcomings and improving their work. Days are 9 hours long, include a complimentary lunch break with me, and cost $1000 per day (10 am to 7 pm). Covid vaccination and taking a day-of Covid test (available at Jackpot) are mandatory.  Contact me for details.


For many years I’ve spoken on and moderated panels about recording and music for SXSW, NXNW, NARAS, TapeOpCon, PotLuckCon and CMJ. I have been a guest lecturer at various colleges where I’ve discussed the recording arts and music business. Please email me via the contact form to see about availability and terms.